Life Lines at Fort Canning

Thank you to all who came to my first solo show, “Life Lines” at Galeri Utama, The Foothills at Singapore’s Fort Canning. I was delighted with the positive response to the exhibition, which was included as a fringe event for Art Stage Singapore.

The work

In a series of works on paper, I used ‘found’ natural materials from Fort Canning Park – this might be anything from a palm tree spathe to a seed pod – to draw lines with Japanese sumi ink on traditional paper scrolls. The resulting images represent the strong forms of the trees and plants in the park; fortuitous accident is as much a part of the creative process as the directed stroke.

In a series of paintings, I used different media and resists to produce a multi-layered impasto effect, which I then worked into, finding inspiration in the fissures and fault-lines of the richly-textured, three-dimensional surface.

And in collaboration with filmmaker and photographer Justin Eales, I made a video of a large and stately weeping fig, or ficus, that stands on a hill in the park; the strong vertical lines of the vines hanging from the ficus again mirror the lines found in my other work.

I like to make use of strong tonal contrasts in my work, because I enjoy looking at extremes in everyday life – when opposite or complementary qualities meet – black and white, light and dark, glossy and matt, the intended and the accident. I have also experimented with different processes and various media — to see what happens when they are forced together, whether they work with or against each other.

If you would like more information on my work, or view my work in my studio, please call me on (+65) 96276461.


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